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Insurance Jobs in Auckland

Working in Insurance but not getting rewarded for effort? Looking to climb the Broking, Underwriting, Claims, CSR, Administration Support, Liability or Recovery ladder? At, Quinn, we’ve got the reputation and insurance recruitment experience along with superior Auckland industry contacts to ensure you’re presented with the optimum fit for your insurance skills. Browse our list of Auckland based insurance jobs below and get in contact with us today.

Quinn are specialist recruiters for the insurance industry and can assist you with job opportunities in Auckland in the following occupations and more:

Assessors, brokers, casualty, claims, call-centre, liability/underwriter, personal lines, commercial, life, property, travel, marine, auto, cycle, motor, vehicle, supervisor, support, team leader, manager, consultant, risk, loss adjustment, etc.

Sound like the kind of work opportunity that you are searching for? Our talented and resourceful team at Quinn can find opportunities to take your career forward!

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Get the Career Reward You Deserve with Our Insurance Jobs in Auckland

Get a superior-quality job and improve your life with our insurance jobs in Auckland. The insurance industry offers valuable services that help mitigate damage and disruption in people’s lives. It requires a wide range of skills and employees to keep it running, so there are plenty of insurance vacancies that need filling. Looking for the next step in your employment journey? We can help with insurance jobs and office administration jobs in Auckland that offer quality work experience.
Related Services We Provide to Administration Jobs In Auckland
Insurance employment agencies generally have several jobs available at any time. Insurance is just one part of our agency’s focus, so we can connect you with meaningful vacancies, such as the right admin job vacancy, for insurance companies and beyond. Here are some of the services that we provide:
  • Permanent and temporary support. Whether you are looking for a permanent position or a temporary one, we can assist. We encourage you as we help you through our career process. We mediate between you and your prospective employer so that you grow reliable connections with a quality company.
  • Insurance and legal.We have extensive contacts throughout the insurance industry, and our experience in this field gives us a broad range of employers with different vacancies available. The insurance industry needs qualified administrators who are honest and dedicated—and we are sure that you fit this description! Our talented team has also worked with multiple legal organisations, forming a strong connection to the legal industry that gives us access to a wide range of job opportunities.
  • Accounting, sales, and marketing. Finance and accounting are must-haves for any company and organisation, and there are a lot of other employment opportunities that we come across every day within and beyond these fields. Join a team of accountants and get your career moving or join a sales team and drive up the profits for a worthy company. We have extensive job options available in sales, marketing, and more, and our team of experienced professionals will connect you with a company that fits.
Tips Regarding Admin Assistant Jobs
There are certain tips that you can use to leverage a happier life in nearly all fields of work, including in admin assistant jobs. Here are a few to help you leverage better outcomes at work:
  • Help your company make money. Become an asset that the company desires to keep. To do so, simply work out how you can help the company make the most money possible while doing your job. Even when a company goes through employment changes, managers will often stick with employees who are worth the most to the organisation. Results matter, so stay industrious and track your successes to show your worth.
  • Keep the receipts.All emails and data that you send out are proof of your actions and reactions. Keep a record: the material will help you to celebrate and track your accomplishments and milestones.
  • Build relationships.Connect with your employers and co-workers. Focus on the goals of the company and leave time to form bonds, but don’t fawn—respect yourself and behave appropriately. Work on doing the job right and take the time to establish friendly connections, too.
About Quinn Recruitment
We offer decades of experience in the recruitment industry. During that time, we have built extensive contacts throughout the Auckland area. We have a strong reputation, thanks to the effective and personal nature of our services. Each of our recruiters focuses on the job seeker they work with, encouraging, helping, and connecting each client with the right employment opportunity. Contact us and move your career in a positive direction.

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