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The Future Looks Bright!

The future looks bright!

2021 is just around the corner and we are looking to the New Year full of hope and excitement for the future.

Many people are asking us ‘should I be looking at changing jobs right now’ and the answer is ‘YES’.

In 2020 we have seen many changes. Some companies have downsized and some have sadly gone. There has also been a shift to remote work and whether this continues in 2021 is open to debate.

The one thing that we are seeing is a growing number of companies are back in hiring mode and when budgets renew, we expect this increased headcount trajectory to continue its momentum.

Finding a new job in this new environment is a lot easier if you follow some simple steps:
• Focus on what you want. A targeted approach is usually more successful than one where you send your CV out indiscriminately to every job you see advertised. Narrow down on what you want.

• Craft a targeted cover letter. Your opening statement should be short and persuasive. Write your cover letter with the job you are applying for in mind. Your cover letter should speak to the employer or recruiter and convey why you are the perfect match for the job you are applying for. It should list your strengths and how these align with the role. Think of it as an advertisement about you.

• Your resume should back up your cover letter with your quantifiable achievements. Your skills and experience should be tailored specifically to the role you are applying for. A complete summary of every job you had had since college is great if you have been in the workforce for a few years, but is not essential if your career spans a few more year. Do list every job – just be selective in what responsibilities you include. Employers and recruiters love an accomplishment focused resume. If your position was made redundant due to the pandemic say so. Potential employers will empathise with you.

• Highlight your transferable skills and soft skills. The top soft skills that will matter in 2021 are adaptability, creativity, teamwork, leadership, communication, emotional intelligence and time management.

• Networking is important. It can be worthwhile getting your name out there in the market but be targeted. If you are not comfortable reaching out to people in your network ask a recruiter to do it. The good recruiters know how to market you and your transferable skills.

• Update your LinkedIn profile. Regular updates help give you maximum visibility.

• Talk to a recruiter who specialises in your skill category or industry niche. Recruiters can be invaluable when you are looking for a new career path especially if they can demonstrate they have successfully recruited in your niche for a period of time.

So if you are considering a job change or have been impacted by 2020 and are looking for a new career pathway, get in touch with one of our consultants for a confidential chat. We work across most industry sectors nationwide. You can also sign up for our job alerts. If you are in-between jobs and have some great transferable skills you should consider temping.

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