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Happiness is a State of Mind

How do we remain happy in spite of life’s inevitable challenges? Bad stuff happens to all of us, but so often these challenges that we face can ultimately be opportunities. It all depends on how we view them. Happiness isn’t something that just happens to us. Happiness is something we need to take seriously! So how can we stay happy?

– Relationships are important – we all need a handful of close relationships

– Treat yourself – a little treat can go a long way

– Smile – smiling at yourself in the mirror before you start your day is a great morale booster and it uses less muscles than a frown

– Exercise daily – it is not just great for your body, but great for your mind too

– Cook something new every week – it doesn’t have to be madly difficult

– Compliment someone – you brighten their day and feel good doing it

– Explore your own back yard – if ever there was a time to do this it is now and what an amazing backyard we have here in NZ

– Spend time with happy people

– Listen to music daily- it makes our brain release dopamine – a feel-good chemical

– Have a news free day – it is so easy to get stressed out when we are bombarded with the same topic. Turn off the news and enjoy it

– Pick a new hobby – explore it, commit to it, enjoy it

– Eat food that makes you happy – dark chocolate is great for stress levels

– Soak up 10 minutes of sun daily – just don’t forget the SPF

– Walk – a sweat session at the gym is great but a simple 25 minute walk can be just as good a mood booster – just leave your phone at home

– Disconnect from Tech – close your lap top and turn off your phone for one hour a day

– Shop online – keep those small NZ businesses alive and happy

– Read a book – not a reader? Try it. You may be surprised how reading a book makes you feel

– Spent too long in lock-down lately? We all get excited planning something fun and it can be as simple as watching the sun rise and the sun set

Robbie Quinn


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