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Change and challenge go hand in hand with lockdown and bubbles.

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How are lives have changed. Living in a bubble was once considered futuristic – it only happened in sci-fi novels. Now living in a bubble has become normal and each time we re-enter this phase we learn new lessons. Lessons we never contemplated or perhaps ever wanted to learn.

We are now spending more time at home working alongside family or flat mates and have learnt more about them and they about us. Hopefully the learning has been beneficial.

We have learnt that everything in our well-ordered lives can change in a second.

We have learnt what is truly important in our lives and who is truly important in our lives.

We have learnt and now appreciate the value of freedom.

We have learnt we are not actually in control of our destinies.

We have learnt how vulnerable we really are.

We have learnt family matters. Our partners and family are critical to our well-being and vice versa. Their opinions matter. Family can be the best medicine for us all.

We have learnt you can work from anywhere if you are good at your job.

We have learnt to keep our cupboard stocked with our favourite decadent treats.

We have learnt virtual meetings are here to stay. Many of us prefer face-to-face interaction and there is a lost measuring tool for recruiters around body language, but virtual is here.

We have learnt to keep in touch consistently with family, friends and colleagues. Isolate is the new buzz word but it must not become our new normal.

We have learnt to recognise the value in the people around us – the people that give our lives meaning.

We have learnt to appreciate and value those people whose roles in our lives may have been undervalued – nurses, vaccinators, supermarket workers, delivery people to name a few.

We have learnt self-care is not self-indulgence. Pampering yourself and those around you is vital to well-being.

We have learnt to pause and reflect. To cut ourselves some slack. To take the time to sniff that first morning coffee.

We have learnt how resilient and adaptable us humans are when we are forced to change. Resilience and adaptability are the top two most sought-after skills for workplace success.

We have learnt that us humans are social beings. We function at our best when we engage face-to face. The emotional high and sense of connection we get from being in the physical presence of others is where the value truly is.



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